The mission of UTA’s Students for the New Urbanism (SNU) is to:
1. Explore, examine, evaluate, discuss and promote the principles of New Urbanism.
2. Raise awareness among students, faculty, administration, and the community at large concerning the issues              relating to our built environment and how New Urbanism addresses these issues.
3. Provide educational forums where the concepts and ideas of New Urbanism may be presented, discussed,             and debated.
4. Support local community initiatives which advance New Urbanism and its guiding principles as a design                     alternative.
5. Participate in or conduct events, which promote the organization and its goals.

We invite graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff interested in New Urbanism, a movement dedicated to the growth of healthy, prosperous, and culturally vibrant communities, to join our chapter and to contact any of the officers.

We welcome students and faculty with new and progressive ideas, interested in planning and developing livable cities for everyone in the spirit of the changing lifestyles of our times and in response to the growing needs of our future.

With support from CNU North Texas, SNU is poised to offer a variety of educational events and activities such as tours of new developments in the DFW area, access to professional speakers as well as to the national CNU conference.

SNU looks forward to providing a forum for professional networking in an effort to help students build relationships with working professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond.